"Life Guide"

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* As a breast cancer survivor myself, I understand the many uncertainties, fears, concerns and challenges that come with the diagnosis of breast cancer. Through my experience and training as a Life Guide I have learned to face my fears, concerns, and how to remove the blocks that have kept me from moving forward. I have found love, acceptance, courage, strength, and joy. I truly love life. I would be honored to help guide you through your journey of breast cancer. To help you find the inner strength, courage, and the peace from within.  


             One on one Life Guiding sessions or Group guiding sessions

*Specializing in Individuals diagnosed with Breast Cancer*

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  *Breast Cancer Group Coaching 

Other Life coaching areas: 

Cancer Survivors

   Stress management

   Health and Wellness


Life Guiding programs:

Do you have a life filled with stress, chaos, and uncertainty? Have you ever thought "I wish I could stop worrying so much or stop feeling so stuck in my life?" "I wish someone would just give me the answers to my life decisions." Well I'm here to tell you that the answers to all questions lie within. You have all the answers, and you are whole, perfect and complete. Hard to believe? Then you've come to the right place. Abundant Serenity Life Guiding helps people to tap into their inner purpose and passion. As your "Life Guide" I will be guiding you to tap in to your inner strength and courage so that you can discover all the possibilities from within. Let me be your guide to Peace and Serenity so that you can live a life filled with Abundant Serenity.